Message From The Director

For the past 26 years of my career in education I have enjoyed the privilege of working with children of all ages. I especially enjoy working with children in the early years. I recognize that we as Early Years Educators learn as much from our children as they learn from us. Through creating a pro-active program that is based on observation of children and being in tune with their emotional needs as well as their cognitive ones we are able to create an environment of optimum learning and fun

A prepared class environment is key to a successful day for your children in their classroom and an opportunity for we as educators to create a healthy transitional bridge between their experience at daycare and preparing them for their future experience in kindergarten.

I support a healthy educational program which includes elements of language, phonics, math, early years science and art but I also am a great supporter of a healthy amount of solid gross motor indoor and outdoor fun. I choose to offer in my program a healthy balance of both because I believe that it will meet the emotional needs of our children in today’s society.

It is with great pleasure that I offer to the community the services at our preschool- daycare. The faculty members of our program are creative, responsible and very loving. We as a team look forward to serving the needs of your children and we look forward to having them spend their early years with us in our program


Sherin Kamal

School Director

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