Every year at Académie Bois Franc we host our inhouse Halloween trick or treating. All students and staff come to school in costume. Our daycare is decorated in family friendly fun filled age-appropriate Halloween decoration, like happy face pumpkins, fall harvest, turkeys and corn, super heroes and fairy tale characters and the wonderful colors of the season such as orange, red, brown and yellow.

Right after our morning snack with the help of our parents committee and parent volunteers we all position ourselves on every floor of our daycare and the candy collection for all our children begins with the guidance of each class led by our educators.

This activity allows our little ones to experience the joy of freely promenading through the halls of our daycare knocking on all the doors. Behind each door is a volunteer that opens and hands out candy to fill the children’s bags. All our children go home with a large collection. We have a wonderful time.

Multi-Cultural Month

We all look forward to this month. Every year each classroom chooses one country to explore with their children. The classroom is then transformed into that country. Flags are put up. Artwork made by the children adorn the walls and doors. The educator introduced different ideas, foods, and cultural costumes of that country. We have had classes representing Italy, Egypt, Sri Lanka, China, Mexico, and Jamaica to name a few.

We have had pizza pies made in art using construction paper, paint and glue, Pyramid made from glitter glue and popsicle sticks, or a beautiful mosaic of colors for Sri Lanka made with our children’s finger-painting talents. The entire month is dedicated to multi-cultural fun with flags of the countries of the world adorning our hallways. We end off the month with a multi-cultural day parade. All our staff, educators and children are asked to come to the daycare dressed in any country they want to represent for that day.

Canadian hockey jersey for Canada, or a sari for India or maybe even a cowboy hat for the USA. Each class then is invited to visit all the other classroom wit their mini passports made in art class as they travel the world in their daycare version of our Multi Cultural world.

December Holiday Caroling

Every December we invite all our parents from Academies 4, 5 and 6 to join us in our annual holiday caroling. We practice singing our songs for 6 weeks with our children every morning in preparation of this day.

We ask all our parents to bring their children on that special day wearing holiday colors of red, white, and green. The children come in elf hats, reindeer hats, Santa hats or sometimes just a silly holiday fun hat representing the season. Everyone comes with bells.

We begin our tour of the neighborhood at 10 AM. We sing our songs and ring our bells as we walk along our beautiful Bois Franc neighborhood. We wish everyone a happy holiday season in songs and cheers.

December Holiday Party

Every year we decorate our classrooms, our hallways, and our entrance in fun holiday decorations of the season. A large Christmas tree is present at the entrance of our daycare waiting for our Santa Visit. We have a large red bin inviting our families to join in a charity food drive for the needy and we host our holiday party. Santa comes to visit.

All our children get a chance to meet Santa and tell what they wish for. Our children are served Chocolate milk and cookies. We have a dance party in our classrooms.

We enjoy a special day in which everyone participates in the joy of the holiday season. Little gifts are exchanged, and a special menu is served for the children, our famous pizza party. On that same week we also have our annual pajama day party. Its all part of our holiday fun week.

Winter Carnival

Winter carnival is an annual tradition in our beautiful province of Quebec. We honor this celebration by introducing le Bonhomme carnival as the provincial mascot of this time-honored tradition. The children see the carnival mascot in their artwork and coloring pages as the educators describe what a Quebec Winter Carnival is. Finally, we celebrate the winter season by choosing a week of organized activities in the snow with our educators and children. Snow man competition and winter castles are made in the daycare yard.

Parents are invited to join us. A cup of warm chocolate milk is waiting for the children as they come in from the winter fun activities. It’s a wonderful time to instill appreciation for our provincial winter climate with activities that celebrate the season.

Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s day is a big occasion at Académie Bois Franc. We prepare for that day weeks in advance. In our classrooms our children decorate their very own Valentine Mailbox in art class and our children are making in art day a valentine card for their friends. On Valentine’s Day everyone comes to daycare in red, purple, or pink. We celebrate through class activities our friendships, family, and love.

A special Valentine treat is prepared by our daycare chef for our children to enjoy. Its another day of celebration. That afternoon all our children go home with a Valentine mailbox full of friendship cards from their friends and educators. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Easter Fun

We welcome in spring with our annual Easter Egg hunt. In preparation of that special day our classrooms and halls of the daycare is decorated with rabbits, flowers, baby sheep, and farm animals. Colored eggs are in baskets in all sections of the daycare. On the last Thursday before the Easter holiday long weekend we enjoy our egg hunt.

Every classroom has a collection of eggs hidden for the children to search for and place in their Easter baskets. Their baskets have been made and decorated for weeks in art class along with the paining of artificial eggs by each child at the daycare.

Easter bunny ears are worn by all our staff and educators. We invite our children to come to daycare wearing easter bunny ears. Lots of fun photos are taken. A special Easter treat is made by our daycare chef for the children to enjoy. It’s a fun day for all. A great way to begin spring.


We are all very proud of our pre-kindergarten classroom. We worked hard all year preparing our children for elementary school. With our enriched program that included play theater, field trips, dance classes, a scrap book full of their artwork, our children are ready for the next milestone. We celebrate that with our graduation party that includes several choreographed dances and a collection of songs. A certificate award is given to each child recognizing their success of completing pre-kindergarten.

A class group project is on display representing their graduation theme. We even have a yearbook page for each child with their favorite quotes that were narrated by them in interviews conducted by their educators. Parents are invited to our graduation ceremony. It’s a wonderful time of celebration

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