Academy 6

This is a very special class because it is the last year at our daycare. It is the pre-kindergarten class. In this class our children are working on mastering the skills they need to successfully mainstream into a private or public kindergarten program in primary school. We have a monthly curriculum that incorporates language development, letter recognition, number recognition and fine motor development.

We also have a workbook that includes letters, number, shapes and concepts, emotions, and human body. This is worked on by our students weekly.

This workbook is approved by our provincial government standards. We also have math worksheets and coloring and drawing activities that are saved in each child’s educational folder. We provide parents with a progress report twice a year.

This class also participates in a theater production that we present to our parents every December that we begin to rehearse for in September. Our year is filled with special events, field trips, and special presentations for our parents.

We also have a public speaking curriculum that is an evolvement from our show and tell activities that our children experienced from academy 2-5 in previous years.

With lots of outdoor play, positive peer interaction and a solid curriculum, our children go on to kindergarten successfully in both public and private schools in our area.

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