Garderie (Nursery) Saint-Laurent, QC

Garderie Académie Bois-Franc is a private bilingual nursery and pre-school. We receive children from ages three months till the age of five. Our childcare program is theme-based and influenced by both the HighScope philosophy and Montessori practical life curriculum. We design our monthly programs with the intention of creating an optimum learning experience by touching on many aspects of children’s development.

Not only does Garderie Académie Bois-Franc provide exceptional childcare, but we also focus strongly on providing an environment that promotes both the emotional and cognitive development of our students.  Our framework builds a strong foundation for the holistic development of young children. The child here is seen as a whole person developing physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and culturally. We provide positive relationships and experiences with nurturing adults during this period because we know it is essential along with good nutrition, and a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.

At our Garderie (nursery) in Saint-Laurent, QC, we are excited to join with parents and help their children have a wonderful learning experience. Our friendly and experienced staff will put your mind at ease as we help your child develop a deep love for learning and tackling challenging concepts. We meet each child where they are at in their education so that they can grow and learn with ease.

And with our affordable prices for admission, you won’t need to exceed your education budget in order to provide your child with a personalized and empathetic learning experience. Our staff is experienced, certified, and ready to help your child master simple and complex concepts. If you are ready to give your child a wonderful experience, connect with Garderie Academie Bois Franc today through our contact page.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping your child start this new and exciting chapter of their educational career.

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